Our Mission

Our goal is to help the youth of South Boston connect their dreams to their future accomplishments.  We are dedicated to helping young adults in the community achieve future success.  This is done by helping them to identify, plan for, and eventually work toward personal goals.  These goals may be educational or professional.  The South Boston Leadership Initiative provides educational and fitness programs, workshops, and athletic clinics, which help the participants to identify goals and build the self-confidence and skills needed to successfully attain those goals.  We believe that this focus on goal setting will better enable our young people to build a strong foundation for the rest of their lives.

We achieve our mission through building bridges within our own networks.  We partner and work with a diverse range of local nonprofits and we encourage individuals living in the community to share their experiences through workshops.  With the inclusion of our personal networks, we hope to enable the local youth to create their own networks that will lead to success.  Young adults who have access to new ideas, new people, and new experiences are better equipped to seek out opportunities, engage in difficult aspects of their day to day lives and develop diverse interests.

The South Boston Leadership Initiative provides daily opportunities to participate in a learning experience: from a Math Olympics competition, to writing a creative blog, to running around Castle Island, to participating in a social media workshop, we work to develop opportunities for young adults to challenge themselves that otherwise may not have existed.

What We Provide

Healthy Lifestyle Workshops

After-School Health & Fitness

After-School Educational Programs

Test Preparation

Career & College Workshops

Experiential Learning

Our Partnerships